Why I’m Hunger Striking For The Climate

Imagine living in a world in which Gandhi had not taken drastic action. A world in which the Suffragettes had not taken action. Now imagine a world in which climate activists did not take action.

Changemaker profile: Noam Chomsky

Scholars don’t come much more renowned than Noam Chomsky, a man whose name elicits sage-like nods of recognition when it comes to political pearls of wisdom. The opportunity to pick Professor Chomsky’s brain and capitalize on his immense intellect was something I had been waiting a lifetime to work up the courage to ask for, so I was bowled over by his humility when that time came. Certain that there was nothing I could plonk into my preamble that he hadn’t heard before, I dove right in…

Changemaker profile: David Rovics

Artists don’t come much more independent than David Rovics, whose resolutely political music belongs to no record label, and who answers to no one. Shunning the norms of the indaustry, Rovics makes all of his music available online for free, along with his lyrics and sheet music, encouraging its use for non-profit purposes. The message is clear: this is not just art for art’s sake; there are stories that need to be told, and heard.

Money Talks: How the dollar dominates our discourse, and why we need to ditch it

Money makes the world go round. Or so we’re told. And you’d be far from foolish to believe it, as finance is our global operating system. If crashed, it will bring industrial civilization to its knees. If money is the root of all evil, yet makes the world go round, then solving our planetary predicament presents quite a conundrum.

Call to Action: Reclaim the Climate Movement

As with politics, the decisions are made by the folks who show up, so stand up and be counted if you want to see meaningful action on climate change. Wherever you stand on the controversies of climate action, for the sake of our future, don’t let the movement move without you.

Changemaker profile: Shani Graham

Inspired by Shani Graham’s recent TEDx talk titled Take a street and build a community, Kari McGregor met with the sustainability guru, co-founder of Ecoburbia and spearhead of the Hulbert Street Sustainability Fiesta to get some insight into what it takes to build community.

We’re Going to Nuke ourselves into Oblivion

The conditions for a nuclear-powered future and nuclear wars over resources are created by our demand for a certain way of life, which involves economic growth and an endless pursuit of more and better stuff. This cannot continue: the opposite of sustainable is terminal, and we are in hospice. We need to radically shift our worldview away from one of control over nature and the endless pursuit of acquisition and dominion, and toward one of acceptance of our place in Mother Nature’s web of life.

The Story of Us

The stories we tell ourselves govern our way of life. They form the bedrock of our worldviews, underpinning our perception of reality and directing the course of our society’s development. It should therefore come as no surprise that many of the differences between one society and another hinge upon the stories prevalent within their culture.

Changemaker Profile: Ozzie Zehner’s Green Illusions

An academic who doesn’t stake his career on pleasing the establishment, Ozzie Zehner dares to put forth a down to earth and rigorously scientific response to our culture’s obsession with technological fixes.

The Personal is Political

Safely isolated from our public political personas, our personal lives are sacred territory. We strive to convince ourselves that our personal choices are not politically relevant; that if we talk the right talk it’s as good as walking it, that our unconscious habits don’t snitch on our real values. But actions speak louder than words, and the personal is political.

Making Space for the New Year

The symbolism of entering a new year implies a liberation from the old – a time when we can shed a skin that no longer fits right, make new choices that fit us better, choose to become our deeper selves.

One-Planet Solidarity

One-planet solidarity means living purposefully as a valuable member of a connected Earth Community. In sharing responsibility for providing access to basic needs for all humans, and for preventing or addressing damage done to our shared planet in the process, we necessarily connect, collaborate, and co-create the resilient communities of the future. What better insurance scheme could there be?